Never put your faith in a Prince. When you require a miracle, trust in a Witch.

- Catherynne M. Valente, In the Night Garden (via backfromthedeadred)

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i always had my head wrapped around the idea of getting into a wonderful university and getting a good job and getting married and having a family and being able to support them but for some reason now all i want to do is travel and eat new foods and meet new people and get a tan and buy a one way ticket and not come home

This is the most relevant thing I have ever read

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Triggers really suck but strangers aren’t obligated to make everything safe and perfect for you. It’s very nice if they do, but getting pissed if they don’t is unreasonable and fairly selfish.

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I’m surrounded by people who just wanna get blackout drunk for fun. Like nah man. Let’s go camping or take a road trip or do some stuff we haven’t done before. I wanna live.

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Fun facts about hunting, both big game and recreational
  • you can not kill endangered species
  • you can not kill endangered species

Here have an angry pro hunting rant.

Please relax on the cheerleader. Leave her alone.

Here is a fun fact about hunting big game in Africa, or anywhere else. It is done in a safe environment, you are led on a tour through Africa through which you purchase “tags” (depending on the animal) and are guided to specific animals that you are permitted to hunt. You are forbidden to deviate from those tags and in most cases can not kill the animals. You are more often than not provided with a tranquilizer to shoot the rarer animals with so you may pose for a trophy picture then you leave before the animal wakes up. Now I’m not saying there aren’t cases where you are allowed to kill the animal, but that is not the case with animals on the endangered species list or animals that are protected in some way. If you want to hunt those animals you do it in a way you get your hunting experience, but no harm comes to the animal. If you are caught actually killing an animal on the no kill list for your hunt, you are SEVERELY FINED. If this girl has killed any of the animals in her trophy pictures then she has done it with the proper permits, and is in no way doing any detriment to the animal population. ONCE AN ANIMAL IS OVER HUNTED THEY PUT IT ON THE DO NOT KILL LIST AND YOU CAN NOT HUNT THE CREATURE WITHOUT SERIOUS RETRIBUTION. This is why we have the fish and game office, to protect the animals and still give the hunters their sport. 

If you want to be mad at someone for hunting, be pissed at poachers. They are the ones who hunt outside of the law and kill creatures to sell their pelts or whatever else is valuable on the creature on the black market. they are not out there to help the animals, or control over population. They are there to make a buck and screw anything that gets in their way. This girl is not a poacher, she is hunting within her legal rights as a hunter and should be left alone. 

this has been a pro hunting statement brought to you by a non-hunter. Please do your research before you condemn. Thank you.

In addition, I will not post this in a readmore as this is a serious issue for me, you have any problems with my views please see me in my ask box and I will hear you out, and we can have a conversation. 

Thank you

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"Actually that was my Idea to read you that story, he told me to read you some cute fluffy childrens story or some shit.. I figured you’d probably like that one better. I would have read you something more awesome and manly but I couldn’t find anything, you went ballistic on anyone else who went in the room. It was weird.." he lets out a chuckle then and then a yawn.

He looks into his tea and drinks the rest of it in a few gulps and a sour expression. “I’m not tired I’m dying alright? Humans die I don’t fucking care. I don’t..” he growls and stands abruptly. He hated the disease, and he hated the lump in his throat.. he hated the fact that he just blathered that he was dying to someone who probably didn’t give a fuck. He just hoped that he covered decently with that human comment. “Look I don’t want to live forever.. I just want to do something with my life. But Now I’m just gonna go for a walk to clear my head before I head back.. they don’t need me right now since you sent all the shit home.”

Rhyza groaned.” That bastard would. It doesn’t really surprise me in the least that he would want little cuties ones.” He shook his head but he said it all with a smile. He nodded his head and tilted his head at the other. So the stories that had been read to him had been this humans choice.  He rose a brow” manly stories huh? I don’t really know what you would consider manly stories unless you were reading stuff written in old text that I don’t think humans can read anymore.”

He’d remembered hearing about that odd tidbit of information and he hadn’t quite come up with the answer for it either. Any time someone other than Reaver, who had not been human, entered the room, he’d gone into fits of rage and try and attack them. He’d come up with something but he wasn’t still 100 percent sure on the answer.  He did however remember some things while he’d been recovering. He wasn’t sure James wanted to know he remembered.

He looked at the packages that remained and waved a finger” There now they are.”  He didn’t blink once as James stood suddenly. He just slowly took a drink from his cup and watched and listened. Humans lived by their emotions and were sometimes ruled by them. He didn’t fool the demon lord. There were things he could pick up on others could not. He followed James when he left.

He moved up beside him and pushed him in a shaded spot behind some trees in the park they’d found themselves in. He simply wrapped his arms about the human. He’d struggle he was sure and call him a fucking bastard but he lowed his head to talk in the human’s ear” I know more than you think I do. I remember what you said when you weren’t reading. It’s easy to talk to someone when you are not sure they can hear you or know what you are saying.”

He was shocked when the other touched him, even more-so when then other wrapped his arms entirely around the human and pressed him up against a wall. What the other had said stilled his heart and deafened his ears to where he didn’t hear his alarm go off. “D-Don’t touch me ass hole. Don’t you know about boundaries!?” he struggled and ignored the other as best he could but, what he said still shook his core. “If you know so damn much, then fucking tell me what I said?” Rhyza had to be bluffing.

there was no way he could know what James had said.. about his life, how he got the disease, the rape in the stair well, the weeks of sickness that followed, why he didn’t hate the male who gave it to him. He wanted a cure, the disease scared the fuck out of him.. he didn’t want to die. No.. there was no way.. not even Reaver knew half the things he told this unconscious male. 

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Pregnancy Meme


  • I’m pregnant
  • I’m not pregnant
  • You’re pregnant
  • I lost the baby, I’m sorry
  • You’ve lost the baby, I’m sorry
  • You aren’t pregnant
  • The baby’s coming
  • You’re in labour
  • I’m pregnant and it’s yours
  • am pregnant but it’s not yours
  • I can’t raise this baby without you
  • You aren’t going to raise this baby alone
  • I don’t want anything to do with that kid
  • I don’t want you anywhere near this baby
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Kera 8月號


Kera 8月號

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