She seemed unfazed by it all, perhaps because she was still so young - or part of her was, anyway - and the distance between stories and real life did not yet seem so great.

- Ransom Riggs, Hollow City  (via innocentdelirium)

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This is the most accurate thing I’ve ever seen in my ENTIRE LIFE

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Contrary to popular belief, I am still alive. I moved reciently and wont have internet hooked up again until October 3rd. I’m gonna leave you my number in case any of you actually want to talk to me. We can set up plots or you can give me things to write about, or even just tell me you left something in my inbox. I’ll write the stuff and post it when I have internet access. 

Anonymous: What is the name of these grey long torso long limbed big head no eyes creature? 

"Drekevac. They are foul creatures. I recommend you stay away from them. Why do you keep asking me these things?" ~Reaver

Ships I miss





All my ships.. I miss all my ships okay?


There’s nothing I can do
My heart is chained to you
And I can’t get free
Look what this love’s done to me

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Hurt rp Starters "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down! You don't want to get even more hurt, do you?"
"Tell me where it hurts."
"Whoa, that's purple... It looks like your shoulder is dislocated."
"Oh my god. Are you okay?"
"You're bleeding... You're bleeding bad..."
"This is gonna hurt..."
"Holy crap! I may not know much about human anatomy, but legs don't bend that way!"
"It's all swollen up..."
"You have a black eye. Where you fighting with someone?"
"Okay... Okay, hospital. Hospital, now."
"I think you have a concussion."
"Calm down! Calm down! Your ankle is sprained, okay?"
"Here, lean on me."
"I'm gonna need more bandaids..."
"What the hell happened to you!?"
"Here, I need to clean you up. This might sting a bit..."
"We need to get the bullet out..."
"Oh my god, you've been shot!"
"Did... did you get beat up!?"
"Just hold on. You're gonna be fine..."
"Look out for that car!"
"Wake up! Oh god, please wake up!"
"You're alive! Oh, thank god!"
"I'm no doctor, but you should have that looked at. It's bleeding a lot..."
"What is that? Are there bandages under your shirt?"
"Why is your arm wrapped up like that? And are those blood stains!?"
"You must have hit the back of your head really hard."
"Look at me. Just look at me and stay awake. Can you do that?"
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Ima go blog building. 

I have some characters that woke back up and I don’t remember their log ins.. 


For most of the day I’m here.